Sanitary/Domestic Uses

Often overlooked are the water and cost savings achievable with retrofitting domestic water devices such as toilets, urinals, sink faucets and showers.  Based on a study done by the American Water Works Research Foundation, Aquacraft, and the US EPA the average person (in homes built before 1995) uses 62 gallons of water per day. Persons in homes built since 2001 use 45 gallons per day. Bottom line if Water Sense certified equipment is used, water use per person per day drops by 27% or more. That is as long as the new equipment is maintained properly.

Installing the wrong flapper or fill valve in a new toilet can erode the savings as can a bad handle or a leak.

Average daily domestic demands in commercial/industrial settings range between 20 and 35 gallons per day, per employee, and savings of 25 to 35 percent of this domestic usage is readily achievable.  Water Management’s programs focus on high efficiency toilets and urinals, showerheads and tub faucets, and aerators.

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