Saving Water for Clients in all Market Sectors

Experience, Ingenuity, and Persistence make Water Management, Inc. the leading choice for water savings programs in buildings of any scale. 

Market sectors in which Water Management specializes:

Hospitality - Hotels, Motels, and Resorts                       
Whether it is a 20 room motel or a 2,000 room resort, guests have unlimited use of water and they want quality fixtures that work well. Perhaps no US Industry has taken sustainability as seriously as the hospitality sector. The Greening of the Hospitality Sector is real! Water Management continually test fixtures to find the best quality, and most water efficient products for each application. However, no matter how careful one is with their selection of products, problems still can occur as demonstrated in “Solutions to Troublesome Issues in the Hospitality Sector”.

Multi-Family Residential                        
Successful conservation efforts focus on where people live - apartments, condominiums, and dormitories.   To date, Water Management has completed thousands of projects nationwide, with an average water and sewer savings of 25-50%.   Our Performance Based Service Contract customers SAVE 100,000 gallons of water a day utilizing Water Management’s techniques and technicians to lower water expenditures.

Commercial Offices, Schools / Universities
When you’re not home – you’re using someone else’s water.   Water Management implements water efficiency programs in Office Buildings, Schools, Military Bases, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Municipal Buildings, and Retail Facilities.  The fact is - if there’s water use in a building – Water Management can design ways to Save that Water. "Water Conservation Tools for Commercial Offices".

Public Housing Authorities (PHA)
Water Management’s retrofits in over 140,000 PHA homes are saving millions of dollars a year.  From sites under 100 units, to over 10,000 units, Water Management has extensive experience installing equipment that lowers maintenance costs, standardizes inventory, and produces immediate and long term savings.

Prison & Correctional Facilities                   
Federal, State, and Local prisons operate 24 / 7 with a captive population and consistent staff.   Opportunities to save water in basic facilities, laundry operation, food preparation, and inmate facilities enable Water Management to achieve 20 to 50 % savings on water and sewer costs.

Municipal & Water Utility Services                  
Having 35 years’ experience in saving water, Water Management’s knowledge of water metering, leak detection, and water saving equipment assists water utilities nationwide succeed in their water conservation efforts. We provide professional auditing and consulting services to local municipalities and water districts.